Harry Robert Stender

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Question Answer
Your name Harry Robert Stender
Email hrstender@hotmail.com
Website or Facebook URL www.pasadenalaserdentistry.com
If you're bringing someone to the reunion, please describe your guest My beautiful wife, Sharon
Alhambra elementary school(s) attended Fremont
Current occupation (e.g., retired, working full/part time, volunteering, caring for family, other) Comprehensive and Pain Management Dentist
Describe your family/extended family Married - wife/Sharon, 2 children - daughter/Erin, son/Sean, 2 grandchildren - Kate (8) & Hayden (5)
How have you gained knowledge or continued your education after high school? Cal State LA & USC Dental School. Still practicing dentistry and currently taking 200+ hours of continuing education yearly.
What would like to share about your life's work? Enjoying comprehensive dentistry and pain management.
What special interests and/or activities have you enjoyed during the last half century? Fishing, golf, gardening, reading, and travel.
Please share the highlights of the places you've lived or traveled Lived in Studio City & Chatsworth. Travels too numerous to name all...but, Hawaii, London, Venice, Florence, Siena, and Rome are the highlights.
What is your favorite AHS Memory? The musical Oklahoma!
What are your favorite books or movies? Both books and movie - Lord of the Rings
What were your favorite songs or artists from 1960 to 1964. What genre of music and type of dance do you enjoy most? The Beatles, of course! And, classic rock.
How do you spend your quality time? I'm a dental technology junkie - so, I really enjoy discovering and studying this genre. Also, my wife and I enjoy getting together with friends for dinner and plays.
In your life thus far, what stands out as most significant, growth-producing, moving, or heart-opening? Meeting my wonderful wife! And, being a parent to my two great kids!
What matters most to you about the life you've lived? First - My family. Second - Making a positive difference to my patients' lives.
As you move forward into the future, what are your aspirations, hopes, dreams? Teach, lecture and share what I have learned about dentistry and its exciting new technologies.
What do you still hope to accomplish or experience? (What's left on your bucket list?) Other than the above, retire near the water, buy a boat and have a lot more time to spend with my children and grandchildren.

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