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In Memory of Moors We've Lost

These Moors now exist only in spirit and in our memories. Please view the YouTube video, Moors We've Lost

Please send your memories of these classmates to AHS64-Alumni@cox.net so we can post them to this page.

ADREAN - Toni Adrean Baker

ANDERS - Edward James Anders

Left as a senior in 1964, and died in Vietnam the following year. Please visit the Vietnam Veterans' sites for remembrances of Ed, at:  VVMF Obituary  Virtual Wall Obituary

ARCHER - Lawrence Owen (Larry) Archer

I was married to Larry for 21 years. On March 5th Larry lost his 4 year battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis and Leukemia. I am keeping Larry's Facebook page active. I don't know you but thought you should know what had happened. I'm sorry to bring you such sad news. Suzie Archer, 07/09/15   Obituary

I knew Larry Archer from the first grade at All Souls thru high school. His family had a printing business way at the Westend of Main St. Cool guy, lot's of lasting memories of our school days together. RIP old friend. John Egan, 08/01/15

BAILEY - Terri Lynn Bailey Brauer

BAIRD - Gregory Dolan Baird

Have some sad news. Friends called me last night to tell me Gregg died over the weekend, of pneumonia. What can I say? You never know. God bless. Denny Hart 06/21/13

So very sorry to hear about Greg. We just never know what life has in store for us. God bless you always. Julie Johnson, 07/03/13

I have just read about Greg Baird. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. I missed talking to him by only a few days. I just wanted to post a statement about my sorrow and disappointment by his death. In a reverie about Greg and our cruising in his yellow '56 Chevy (through Twohey's) has put me in a very melancholy disposition. His death is a loss to all of us. He will be missed. James Betts, 07/03/13

BASS - Paul Wayne Bass

I remember seeing Jim Jernigan, Rick Smith, and Paul Bass at our thirty-year reunion. I am so glad I attended the reunion because I got that chance to see them. Scarlett Larkin 07/03/13

I knew that Paul had died many years ago. He and I were in contact just before he passed away and he sent me some of his piano recordings. What a loss. Wende Hutchins Barker, 07/03/13

I first met Paul at an MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) event when his piano skill blew me away. He was still in high school, but he played like a professional. How I wish I could hear him once again. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

BATE - Christopher Paul Bate

Sorry to hear that we lost one of our St. Thomas More and AHS classmates. Christopher was a gentle soul. RIP. Teddi Naumchef Duling 10/07/19

We would visit Chris in Chandler every year when we stayed in Yuma for the winter. He was tender-hearted. He moved to his beloved Seattle last year. Suzanne Post Mallery 10/07/19

I am so sorry to hear this news. His passing tugs at my heart. RIP. Terry Bradford 10/07/19

Oh no! I am saddened to hear this. I remember when we used to sit and chat every morning during our free first period in the cafeteria. He was such a sweet guy. Cheryl Ortega Sevold 10/07/19

Sorry to hear about his death. He was kind and thoughtful. Caren Allenthorpe Greenwood 10/07/19

BENJAMIN - Gary Moir Benjamin

Gary Moir Benjamin died on October 6, 2015 at the age of 68, after struggling with Alzheimer’s for many years. He worked for the IRS for 32 years, retiring in 2004. In lieu of flowers, the family would like donations to be made in his name to the Alzheimer’s Association or a charity of your choice.

I attended kindergarten with Gary, and we went all through school together. He was a pretty quiet kid and didn't make waves. But he was sweet, and I remember him fondly. Lorna Lund, 01/11/16

BERGER - Beverly Ann Berger Gold

BETHEL - Susan Louise Bethel Biro

BUSCH - Robert Hoberg Busch

Do you remember Bob Busch? He passed away a number of years ago. He was a neighbor, vacation buddy, and also worked at my Dads store. (The Circle-B Market on the corner of Primrose and Hellman) One of the best friends ever. Julie Johnson, 07/3/13

In looking through my grammar school photos the other day, I saw Bob Busch in my kindergarten photo. What a cute little guy, and what a nice young man he became. I saw him once in awhile in high school, and he was always the same—friendly and smiling. I miss his smile. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

CANNON - Kathleen (Kathy) Cannon Rodgers

CELLINO - Roxann Dee Cellino

CIACCIO - Frances Ann Ciaccio Schowalter

CLAUS - Tracy Raymond Claus    Obituary

Tracy and I had quite a few classes together, and I remember his laugh more than anything. He knew how to work hard but also how to have fun. I was pleased to read about all the wonderful things he accomplished in his far-too-short lifetime. And I’m proud to say I knew him. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

CLOOS - Helen Elizabeth Cloos Cripe

Helen and I went to grammar school together and were in the same Girl Scout troop. She was always very quiet and shy, but a sweet girl. Another we lost far too early. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

COSBY - Charles Edward Cosby

CROASDALE - Jane Catherine Kehner Croasdale Noel

CRONK - Dr. Donald Arthur Cronk

Donald Cronk always seemed a kindly person. So sorry he is gone, but I am sure he will not be forgotten. Diana (Smith) Lejins, 08/12/13

My memories of Donald are wonderful. He was kind, intelligent, and always had such a presence about him. I'm sorry to hear he is gone. Mary Jane (Maston) Harman, 08/18/13

Don and I had quite a few classes together. He was a nice guy, shy but with a ready smile. I had hoped to see him at our 50th reunion and was saddened to learn he was gone. RIP, old friend. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

Don was one of the live wires in Freshman and Sophomore English class - brilliant, opinionated and great fun. Wasn't he also the terrific Jud Fry in OKLAHOMA! during Junior year? (and as I recall, they didn't need a "double" to play Jud in the dream ballet - He did the stylized fight scene - and then carried Laurie off, holding her over his head.) Quite a guy! I remember that when I said I would be changing schools for my junior year, he exclaimed "WHAT?" indignantly - made me feel that I'd actually be missed. Now it's Don who is missed. Kathleen Huber, 07/26/14

DAVIS - Barbara Jane (Bege) Davis Burdette

Mom passed last night surrounded by her children. Thank you all for all of your love and support. Her wishes were to have her ashes spread in Oregon and to not have a service. She was a gift to the world and will be missed terribly. Katie, Scott, and Todd, 08/03/15

Bege married Tom Burdett in Texas and gave birth to Todd 1975. They moved to Colorado where Scott was born in 1978. Daughter Katie was born in Alaska in 1980. In 1981 Tom left his family in Alaska. The children later saw him only on annual visits to Texas. Bege moved back to California where she had grown up with her brother Tom, mother, and sister in Alhambra. She found a job working for a law firm in L.A. (Not until later in our friendship did I discover I’d had a crush on her brother in high school.) Bege worked hard and always seemed to have a smile and happy words for everyone. She made the best out of a difficult situation and hardly ever showed any sadness. She wanted only the best life for her kids and worked hard to meet her goal. When the family moved to San Gabriel, the Burdette kids attended Coolidge School. Todd and my son, Paul, were in third grade. Todd joined Coolidge Cub Scout den, where I was den leader. Bege helped with treats and weekend activities. Paul and Todd became best friends, a relationship which is even stronger today. The boys went on to LaSalle High School and worked together to become Eagle scouts -- which both achieved at the age of sixteen. Todd almost lived at our house. One day Bege called from work to ask if "our” son was there. I said yes and laughed. Bege said she was happy to share him. In fact, she felt grateful he had the experience of a “real family.” She approved of his calling me "Mom Stewart,” and my husband, Bill, became "Dad Stewart.” Our families were very close. Bege and often I talked on the telephone, and once a month we went out for a girls’ night. When Bege's job in L.A. ended, she found a new one and moved to Rancho Santa Marguerita. Our monthly girls’ night out also stopped, but was replaced with my going to Bege's for weekend visits. I will miss her, but I still have her family, especially the son we shared and love. Kathleen Stewart ( AHS ‘62), 08/04/15

Last night Bege passed away suffering from cancer. She will be missed very much. She was my best friend for 54 years. Please say a prayer for the family. Chris LaPiana Gumpert, 08/03/15

DEVINE - Robert DeVine    Obituary

Bob had been looking forwarded to attending our 50th Reunion [but was not well]. He was a good friend of mine, Mike Hope, Dennis Hamby and a lot of other Classmates. Didn't hurt that he lived right next door to Leo's Ice Cream! Going to be tough seeing his name on our Moors Lost Page. John Egan, 11/22/14

DECREMER - Michael Anthony

Mike designed the cover for our annual.

DODS - James H. (Jim) Dods II

Dodsy, as I knew him from LLBB in 1958, was a nice kid and good BB player. When he was 16, driving his Dad’s 47/48 Chevy with me riding shotgun, he drove too fast through a crosswalk on Fremont just North of the grammar school. APD Motor Officer Sweeney pulled up next to us and yelled, “SLOW DOWN, MEATBALL!” That’s been his name to me ever since. He was a good kid and friend for all these years. Slow down, Meatball. Steven Day, 08/26/17

I am honored to call Jim a friend. We met when we were 9 years old when we were on the same little league team. Our parents became lifelong friends and Jim and I followed suit. I will always remember Jim's quick smile and his twinkling blue eyes. So many memories we shared. Jim had an amazing recall of his days in school and would bring up moments that we had long forgotten. It was always fun to share time with him because he had such a quick sense of humor. He cracked us up so many times with it. A gentle soul that conversely supported a will of steel. I would remiss if I didn't mention his love for baseball that he had all his life. Being a good player himself he dreamed of playing in the major leagues. It wasn't meant to be but in my heart he made "The Bigs" in the way he conducted his life with his family and friends. Go with God, my friend. Roland Lanzi, 08/29/17

EGAN - John Francis Egan   Obituary

Condolences to the family and friends of John. I have special memories being a friend of John back at AHS in the 60'S and seeing him through out the years at Pomona and Bakersfield drag races, his life long passion. Rest in Peace John. Dennis Talle, 05/24/17

So sorry to hear this news. We grew up having similar experiences and enjoyed some of the same friends growing up in Alhambra, racing being one of them. We were so happy to have reconnected on FaceBook and shared some of those times once again. Thank you for all you did to keep our memories alive from our youth. We're so glad you got to enjoy them trackside. Green lights and the win light from now on my friend. Prayers to his family and friends. He blessed so many in his life. Dennis and Laureen Bodenbender, 05/24/17

ELLIS - Nancy Lynn Ellis

ERPENBACH - Nancy Lynne Erpenbach Blackburn

FAJARDO - James Claudio (Jim) Fajardo

What a gentle and fantastic person - always there to cheer one up when needed and always had a smile. He was very active in our church youth group and a friend to everyone he met. Mary Jane (Maston) Harman, 08/18/13

Jim Fajardo was a member of the orchestra. He and I became good friends my 10th grade year and his 12th. I still remember the day his new VW arrived at the dealer. His parents gave it to him for graduation. When he was looking at colleges one Saturday, we drove out to the University of Redlands to have a look around. That night they had set up a Hootenanny. Fun times. Sorry he left us so early. Bob Korpal AHS ‘66, 07/07/14

I remember Jim and Jim McCormack hanging out together. Jim Fajardo was such a sweet and funny guy with a real appetite for learning. He made me laugh. I wish he were still here to do it again. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

FELDMAN - Ronald Feldman

FENNING - Trina Howard Fenning Baker

I remember Trina as a sweet, shy girl who was very easy to like. I think she was originally from Sweden (or Norway?) (Her mother pronounced her name "Try-na") - but her English was perfect. Wonder what she went on to do? Wish there was time to ask her. Kathleen Huber, 07/26/14

FERGUSON - Bonnie Jean Ferguson Saryan

FITZGERALD - James Maurice (Jim) Fitzgerald

James "Jim" Fitzgerald was born in November 1945. He attended All Souls School and graduated in 1959. He went to Mission High School for one year before transferring to Alhambra. After graduating in January 1964, Jim attended PCC. In July 1966, Jim was drafted into the Army, where he spent most of his time in Texas. In September 1968, Jim returned to school at East LA College and Cal State LA and worked at the Alhambra Book Store. In the mid 1970s Jim went to work for his best friend, Dan Sehnert (AHS Class of 1963,) as the lot manager for Dan's family company in Baldwin Park. In 1979, Jim married his longtime girlfriend Helcia Hays (AHS Class of 1971). In 1980 Jim and Helcia had a baby daughter. Jim died in Febuary 1981 after a year long battle with cancer. RIP old friend. ‘Rockin’ Ron Lund, AHS ‘67, 07/22/13

FROOM - Betty Louise Froom Grainger

Betty was one of my good friends at AHS and we attended most of the reunions together. I will miss her so much at our 50th reunion. I will always remember her kindness and great friendship. Judy Rizzo Bisetti, AHS ‘64, 02/20/14

GALLONIO - Gene Nicholas Gallonio

GARCIA - Alex Joe Garcia

GARGARO - Louis Harry Gargaro

GOWIN - Glenn Franklin Gowin

HAAS - Roxann Haas

HABICH - William Frank Habich

HAIR - Patricia Ann (Patty) Hair Nichols

Patty was my husband, Larry’s, first cousin once removed. (His mother and Patty’s dad were first cousins.) She lived diagonally across the street from Larry. We attended her wedding and were saddened when it didn’t work out. Larry’s mother adored her and stayed in touch because of her proximity. She kept us abreast of Patty’s situation. However, Patty became something of a recluse and rarely left the house as she got older. I prefer to remember her as the cute, smiling gal in high school with the boys flocking around her. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

HAMBY - Dennis Michael Hamby

HARRINGTON - Valerie Ann Harrington Luckie

HART - Denny Hart

Our dear friend Denny Hart passed away on Wednesday June 24th. He suffered for over 3 years from a terminal case of prostate cancer. He fought the fight but lost. May he rest in peace but he will be missed by many. My heart is heavy because he was a great human being. Susan Adams, 06/28/15

Denny was special. I was lucky enough to live three streets from him. We started kindergarten together and became the best of friends. What great memories I have of him. We rode bikes, played kick the can and chased butterflies together. We lost contact after high school and reconnected a year ago for lunch. It felt like the years had peeled away and we were the same little kids. I will cherish our friendship forever. I am proud to have been his friend. Cheryl Vasque LeRay, 06/29/15

I was so very sorry to hear about Denny’s passing. He will always have a very special place in my heart. A few months before Graduation ’64, I had broken up w/my boyfriend, who attended another high school. Ahead of me were great fun events leading up to Graduation. I was a 17 year old girl, sad and in despair (as most teen girls are)... But only days later, this really cute and popular senior at AHS started flirting w/me...and soon we were dating exclusively. Not only was he gorgeous, he was so kind and so much fun……we did a lot of laughing during our time together.
This also meant that I had a “boyfriend” for all the upcoming Senior events and parties, which continued thru the summer, including the All Night Party. That night was so special and to have Denny with me, made it a Memory-Making-Perfect-Time. I think we just drifted apart with college in the Fall but Denny will always be special to me. I imagine he only became better at being a Good Guy, having started out with so many wonderful qualities. He gave me a gift, a sweet memory that I treasure. Sharon Del Vero Hotchkin, 06/30/15

HAYDEN - Vincent James Hayden

HEACOCK - Ronald Lee Heacock

I remember Ron as a tall, quiet guy with a sweet smile. He was always polite and friendly. Since he was in Larry’s Boy Scout troop, he knew Ron as well. We were both sad to learn he had passed. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

HINTON - Dorothy Laraine Hinton Dwyer

I was taken by surprise and totally shocked to see my dear friend Dorothy Hinton here. I was so looking forward to seeing her again next year. Dorothy and I met in kindergarten at Garfield School and became BFFs immediately. I then went to St. Therese School until 8th grade, so we didn’t see each other during that time. We reconnected in HS, although our interests and schedules differed a lot. It was so wonderful to see her at the 30th reunion, (I think that’s the correct year) and we stuck like glue to each other that night. Our husbands hit it off and enjoyed each other’s company while Dorothy and I happily ran around, seeing old friends together. She was always very shy and thanked me for helping her approach old friends that night. We weren’t close as far as seeing each other often but it was one of those things when you just “love” someone and the few times you see each other you instantly fall back into the old ways. So many good people gone already… Sharon Del Vero Hotchkin, 07/04/13

I was so saddened when I called Dorothy last year to let her know about the 50th reunion, and her daughter told me her mom was gone. Dorothy was one of those sweet girls it was impossible not to like. She was pretty and as nice as she looked. I still wish she could have been with us this year. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

HOLAHAN - Michael Charles Holahan

HOPE - Michael Kirk Hope

Sorry to say I've got another name to add to our page of lost Classmates. Mike Hope passed away from respiratory failure in June, just a few days after his 70th birthday. He was near his home in Atascadero California. Mike and I were best of friends in high school, and we're both interested in cars. I imagine many of our classmates remember his dark green 40 Ford pickup. Mike stayed involved in cars with a show quality 66 El Camino that he showed up and down the Gold Coast during the show season. We stayed in contact all these years in that he worked for Edison Company in Alhambra from shortly after we graduated until about eight years ago when he retired. I have stopped many times on my travels to Northern California on business and we would go to dinner and talk cars. I miss him already. John Egan, 08/19/16

HORNE - Linda Jean Horne Stark

HOUSTON - Richard James Houston

INGRAM - George Byron Ingram

JENKINS - Cheryle Gail (Cherry) Jenkins Quirino

JERNIGAN - James Gary Jernigan

I remember seeing Jim Jernigan, Rick Smith, and Paul Bass at our thirty-year reunion. I am so glad I attended the reunion because I got that chance to see them. Scarlett Larkin, 07/03/13

We were neighbors and I loved seeing him at the last reunion. What a loss. Wende Hutchins Barker, 07/03/13

JEWELL - Mary Jane Jewell Pettiford

There were two Mary Jane's in our 1964 - me and Mary Jane Jewell. I remember her smiles and laughter and she always had something kind to say - what a very special lady. Mary Jane (Maston) Harman, 08/18/13

Mary Jane graduated from Marguerita Elementary School with me. I’ll always remember her sunny smile, her dimples, and the sound of her laughter. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

JOHNSON - Michael Styles Johnson

JUDKINS - William Whitney (Bill) Judkins   Obituary

I am Bill Judkins' daughter. My dad (Bill) and my mom Marilyn Judkins we’re married for 34 years before my mom passed in 2005. They had two kids together, my brother and myself. My dad had three grandchildren. He was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer on July 11, 2019 and passed away about two weeks later on July 24, 2019. He was a loving father and grandfather. Thank you, Bill’s daughter, Tracey Torreyson.

Bill Judkins and I went to the Senior Prom. We did not date after that. Sorry to hear. Carla Molnar.

I remember Bill. So sorry to hear of his passing. Cheryl Ortega Sevold.

KASTNER - Stephen Bartram Kastner

KENDALL - Thomas Rexford (Tom) Kendall

LAMKIN - Timothy Cleaveland (Tim) Lamkin

Tim you were such a special friend to so many of us - especially at the First Presbyterian Church. I remember so many activities, retreats and great times - we all will miss you so very much. Mary Jane (Maston) Harman, 08/18/13

LAUFER = Maxine Michele Laufer Lane

LICORNI - Vincent James (Vince) Licorni   Obituary

Vince was very active in the community and church. He was Athletic director and Coach for Covina Vikings, Athletic director and Band Booster Club President at Northview High school. Grandknight with Knights of Columbus. Worked for Sav-On and CVS pharmacy for 48 years. Vince's son, David Licorni, 08/10/17

LIGHTFOOT - Robert (Bob) Lightfoot

LOBBY - Richard Lobby

Richard and I were friends on Facebook for years. I appreciated his thoughtful posts and valued his friendship. I will miss seeing him there. Lorna Lund Collins, 06/14/20

The all-around good guy, so sad. Chris Collom, 06/14/20


LYONS - Michael Louis Lyons

MACNIDER - James Macnider

James (Jim) Macnider was born in August 1946. He attended Marguerita School from kindergarten to 8th Grade. When at Marguerita, Jim played Little League Baseball at Granada Park for Ted Larsen Oldsmobile (The Rockets). Even though Jim was almost three years older, In 1959 we became very good friends, during the days of half day sessions. In the afternoons, we rode our bikes all over the San Gabriel Valley. After Jim graduated from Marguerita in 1960, he went on to Alhambra High School. Like many guys at the time, Jim became interested in cars. Who could ever forget the beautfull pearl blue 1957 Chevy BelAir he had his senior year? After graduating in June 1964, Jim worked for Sam Yokum Inc. and went to East Los Angeles Collage. In 1967, Jim was drafted into the Army serving for one year in Vietnam. After returning, Jim went back to work for Sam Yokum, married his long-time girlfriend Lauren Johnson (AHS class of 1966), and had one child. Over the years, Jim became active in restoring vintage aircraft and restored his own plane. In 1978, Jim was giving his uncle a ride, when a steering problem arose, the plane went down and crashed, killing both Jim and his uncle. RIP, my old friend. Rockin’ Ron Lund, AHS '67, 08/13/13

MARSTON - Jan Elizabeth Marston

Jan and I were "line" friends at school. Whenever we had to line up alphabetically we would always be next to each other. She was a great person - always fun and smiling. I am honored to be able to say I was one of her friends. Mary Jane (Maston) Harman, 08/18/13

Jan attended Marguerita Elementary School for several years, and we sometimes met on the way. She was quite tall, and I was short, so we must have looked a bit strange together. She had a great laugh. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

MCALLISTER - James Erwin McAllister

MORRIS - George William Morris, Jr. (MIA in Vietnam 1978)   VVMF Obituary  Find a Grave Obituary   Virtual Wall Obituary   Task Force Obituary

I saw where George Morris was MIA in Vietnam. I have updated information. George William Morris, Captain, USAF, was serving in the 23rd Tactical Air Support Squadron of the 56th Special Operating Wing at Nakhon Phanom Airbase, Thailand. On January 27, 1973, George was the co-pilot of an aircraft [an OV-10 Bronco, per Marston Medlock, 01/11/16] on a search and rescue mission to locate a US Navy crew shot down 15 miles northwest of Quang Tri City 15 miles southeast of the DMZ. George’s aircraft was struck by ground fire and crash-landed. Both he and the pilot ejected safely and were reported captured. Ten hours later the Paris Peace Accords were finalized. Ten hours later..! He was never recovered. He was listed as dead, effective August 23, 1978. Theodore Simon, 08/05/13

MORALES - Andrew (Andy) Paul Morales    Obituary

MORRISSETTE - Melynnda Morrissette

MURPHY - Richard Murphy

NASSIEF - Pamela Jean (Pam) Nassief Sanbar   Obituary

Pam was another grammar school friend. She was a sweet young lady and a lovely woman. We were friends on Facebook, where we caught up with each other. Her death came as quite a shock. She was upbeat right to the end. I still miss seeing her name on Facebook posts. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

NJAVRO - Judith A. Njavro Robinson

NOBLEMAN - Louis Ray Nobleman

NUELLE - Jean Antoinette Nuelle Cooper

O’HALLORAN - Patricia Margaret (Pat) O'Halloran Rowe

PATTERSON - Patricia Ann Patterson Parkins

PAULSEN - Joe Dale Paulsen

PAWLAK - Helena Maria Pawlak Clay   Obituary

We were neighbors and my sister and she were good friends. We knew her family, husband, son, and her sister. I moved to Oregon in 1981, but one time when Maria and her family were visiting her parents, her dad died at home, Maria was at Disneyland, and my Dad drove to Disneyland to track them down. I also stayed with her once when she lived in Northern California. Once when my dad was testing his new video camera, he recorded Maria while she was washing her car (she had a bikini top on). When she saw him, she came over. Her father, Mitchell Pawlak, was Polish. He met his wife Anna during WWII. He was a pilot as I recall. Sometimes when I would go to their house, he was angry and would yell at us for some unknown reason. Their house always smelled like goulash. Anna was Scottish, and the last time I saw her was a fluke. I was visiting in a store in Pasadena, and Anna was there. The last I knew about her she lived with or near Maria in Camarillo. I think her dad died after 1983 because after my daughter was born, I was visiting my dad and went to their home to show them my daughter. Her dad gave me $20. Maria was very beautiful as were her Mother and sister. I am very sorry to have read that she was gone. Brenda Bouvia Ingram AHS '70. 07/09/13

Maria and I lived a few houses apart and she even made a surprise appearance at my graduation from Pepperdine even though I hadn't seen her for 3 years. She was a beautiful person inside and out. Harold Shrader, 08/09/13

Maria attended grammar school with me for a few years. She was beautiful inside and out. I last saw her at the reunion on the Queen Mary when I sat next to her. We had such a great time reconnecting and stayed in touch afterward. Her death still saddens me. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

PETERS - Lynn Ann Peters

PETERSON - Audrey Jane Peterson Viselli

PLATO - Gloria Ann Plato Edlund

PLUMLEY - Diane Frances Plumley Kuhel   Obituary

PRICE - Charles Warren (Chuck) Price

REAM - Dianne Eileen Ream Ayers

I was so sorry to hear that we have lost Dianne "Peanuts" Ream. She was a Granada School graduate and lived with her grandmother for as long as I could remember. I have fond memories of our friendship. Later she married Richard Steinberg and had twins. Seems like I recall her living over the old Garfield Theater. Lost track of her but would love to hear about her life and even get in touch with Richard if he is still around or her children. Diana Smith Lejins, 08/15/13

RHEIN - Jack William Rhein

RODGERS - Michele Ann Rodgers Preece

SALINAS - Robert Joseph Salinas

SCHOBERT - Stanley David Schobert

I still cry when I remember Stan. We went from kindergarten through high school together. He was my tormenter, cohort in crime, and dear friend. I stayed in touch with him for many years until he moved and I lost touch. I kept up with him through his sister-in-law, with whom I worked for a few years. I shed a few tears when I heard of his passing. Such a sweet and loving human being. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

Stan was at Marguerita School with me, and was always one of the "Nice Guys" - never made fun of anyone - Just a natural gentleman. The last time I saw him was during intermission at Center Theatre Group's brilliant CANDIDE somewhere in the late 1960s. Like me, he was wild with excitement about the show and the production - I realize now that we probably had a lot in common. But by the time technology made it possible to track people down, he was gone. Hope your life was happy, Stan - You deserved it. Kathleen Huber, 07/26/14

SHAW - Pamela Lynn Wales Shaw Lippincott

SILLICK - Thomas Howard (Tom) Sillick

SLIPICH - Mark William Slipich

SLOANE - Wayne William Sloane

SMITH - Dr. D. Richard (Rick) Smith  Obituary

I remember seeing Jim Jernigan, Rick Smith, and Paul Bass at our thirty-year reunion. I am so glad I attended the reunion because I got that chance to see them. Scarlett Larkin 07/03/13

SMITH - Donald Lawrence Smith

SOTO - Andrew Victor Soto

TALBOT - Gilbert Clayton Talbot

VALENTI - Michael Frank Valenti

VAUGHN - Darlene Vaughn Brown   Obituary

She lived a couple of doors down from me on Second Street. She was very sweet and a wonderful friend. She was compassionate and caring. I had so looked forward to seeing her and am so sad that she won’t be there. Laura McCoy Carver, 08/01/14

VENZKE - Michael Venzke   Obituary

VIANCOUR - David Allen Viancour

WAGENAAR - Dirk Wagenaar, Jr.

Dirk Wagenaar, John Teresa, and I spent the summer in Europe in 1966. We used Dirk's relatives' homes in Amsterdam as our base. Many happy memories. Bruce Leeds, 07/06/13

Dirk and I were real buddies from the time he arrived from Holland in about 1958 or 1959 when we were in 8th grade or maybe even 7th grade at Park School. Miss Martin, our teacher for both grades, was the best blessing that happened for both of us to give us confidence going into high school. We kept hanging around together through high school though both of us seldom if ever had any classes together besides P.E. Dirk was a serious boy and a deep thinker, so he probably helped shape my academic inclination, being more apt to play, have fun being a boy and working a lot on my daily paper route and later as a box-boy at the local Star Market on East Main Street, where I worked for three years. Dirk only lived two blocks away from us so we did lots of stuff together. John Theresa, Dirk and I often hung out together and were privileged often to join Mr. Win Smoyer (our Social Studies teacher) on church work bee weekends at Cedar Lake near Big Bear. When we got to college after AHS, Dirk bought my Encyclopedia Britannica from me for $50 that I had labored all through high school (4 long years) just to pay off. (I bought it just before starting 9th grade at AHS). Dennis Petersen, 08/07/14

WALKER - John Charles Walker

WANECEK - Angela Wanecek

One of my favorite photos from The Moor in our senior year is of me showing our senior sweater emblem to Angie. I love it because it brings back the memory of the day it was taken and the laughter and smiles we shared. She was so pleased to have been a part of our class, if only for one year. I am happy we were able to track her down, but sad because she is no longer with us. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

WARREN - Craig Samuel Warren

My brother, Craig, passed away on August 24 2017 in St.George, Utah. He has been reunited with his mother and father. We will miss him, and the free spirit he was. Craig's sister, 08/31/17

WASHBURN - Timothy William Washburn   Obituary

Tim lived around the corner, and we went all through school together. I lost track of him after high school, so I was taken aback when I heard of his death. So sad, and much too soon. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

WECKSLER - Isadora Wecksler Lomhoff

WELLS - Bonita Jeanne (Bonnie) Wells

One of my fondest memories with Bonnie was doing our hair into "French twists" lol. Loved her laughter, she was a good friend and will always hold a special place in my heart. Mary Jane (Maston) Harman, 08/18/13

We were very close friends. She was extremely artistic and creative. It’s sad that her talent couldn’t have been fully realized. She was compassionate and caring, and she will be missed. Laura McCoy Carver, 08/01/14

WHEELER - Linda Maureen Wheeler Correll  Tribute

I didn’t know Linda well in high school, although I certainly remember her. We reconnected on Facebook, and I enjoyed seeing her posts and getting to know her again. She allowed us to share her struggle with cancer and her final days. I miss this gracious, lovely, and beautiful lady, and feel blessed to have known her. Lorna Lund, 07/08/14

WHITE - Stephen Michael White   Obituary

WHITEHEAD - Ronald W. Whitehead

WIELENGA - Henry Kresker Wielenga

WILLIAMS - Richard Earl Williams

WISHON - Paul Morton Wishon II

Paul and I were best friends from the age of 5 at Fremont Elementary school until the end, which came all too soon when he was in the Air Force during Vietnam. I was the Best Man at his wedding, which was also the last time I saw him. Even though our fathers did not get along at all, they were fortunately both fond of both Paul and me. Paul was very outgoing and always trying to set me up with blind dates, whether or not I had a girlfriend at the time. I've missed him for over 30 years. Harold Shrader, 08/09/13

WOLF - Henry Leonard Wolf    Obituary

YACOUB - Redamis Guirguis Yacoub

My name is Carl Yacoub, and I live in Delaware. My father’s younger brother was Redamis Yacoub, the man who got me my first job as a kid, was a lot of fun to hang with, and got me interested in chemistry which became my college major. Sadly he passed away in 2012 in his home in Cairo, Egypt. I can tell you that the time he spent and the friends and memories he made at Alhambra were his greatest treasures. In our family, Uncle Riri always regaled us with stories of his arriving in California from Egypt, and being welcomed in to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bass. I am sorry to be the bearer of these sad tidings. Time and distance kept us further apart than I would have liked. The fiftieth reunion in September this year will be one alumnus short, but I know he’ll be there in spirit. I wish you great success in your reunion. How happy I would have been to know that he was there among old friends.  RIP, Uncle Redamis. Carl Yacoub, 05/15/14

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