Laurence Severance

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Question Answer
Your name Laurence J. Severance (Larry)
Current occupation (e.g., retired, working full/part time, volunteering, caring for family, other) Lawyer, working full time
Describe your family/extended family Wife Judy, step-son, step-daughter, two grand daughters; two sisters, half sister, half brother, step brother; step-son and step-daughter. I call this a "California family".
How have you gained knowledge or continued your education after high school? Ph.D. Social Psychology, Duke University 1974; J.D. University of Washington, 1980
What would like to share about your life's work? I support and seek social justice.
What special interests and/or activities have you enjoyed during the last half century? Climbing, backpacking, traveling, motorcycling, keeping in shape
Please share the highlights of the places you've lived or traveled My wife Judy works in Santa Barbara, CA. We live and travel between Seattle and Santa Barbara. I have traveled to Nepal twice to trek in the Himalaya; to Tanzania on a mission trip, after which I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. I have trekked with family members in Torres del Paine, Southern Chile.
What is your favorite AHS Memory? Having a first girlfriend; participating in track (I was unremarkable).
What are your favorite books or movies? Stand and Deliver
What were your favorite songs or artists from 1960 to 1964. What genre of music and type of dance do you enjoy most? Everly Brothers, Linda Ronstadt, Credence Clearwater, Doors
How do you spend your quality time? Traveling, trying to stay fit
In your life thus far, what stands out as most significant, growth-producing, moving, or heart-opening? Working 4 years as a public defender; regarding the work I do as a helping profession, helping people in times of difficult stress that involve legal issues
What matters most to you about the life you've lived? Family; staying grounded with faith community involvement
As you move forward into the future, what are your aspirations, hopes, dreams? Identify my personal passion and engage in meaningful activities so defined.
What do you still hope to accomplish or experience? (What's left on your bucket list?) I think about climbing a mountain taller than Mt. Kilimanjaro, perhaps in South America.
What else would you like to share about yourself? Married almost 25 years, to Judith Stevens-Long. I feel very blessed.

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