Wende Hutchins

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My Name: Wende Barker

My name in school: Wende Hutchins


My guest for the Reunion: Cathy (Stangel) Shusta and I will probably come as a team!

Alhambra elementary school(s) attended: Fremont

Current occupation: My husband retired as an engineer 9 years ago and I don't intend to retire from my job...homemaker!

My family/extended family: My husband, Tom and I have two boys ages 37 and 35

My life since 1964: The summer after we graduated I was fortunate enough to join some other kids from our church and work on a kibbutz in Israel and on the way there was able to experience Lebanon, Syria, Jordon and parts of Europe coming and going. That trip opened my eyes to the rest of the world and gave me the itchy feet for travel that I still have. Two years later I spent close to six months traveling around Great Britain and Europe with two girlfriends following the then famous book, "Europe on $5 A Day".

While working at the LA Department of Water and Power I met my future husband and my travels to see the world came to a rest while I got married and raised two boys along with my husband, Tom. We moved to my husband's home town in the beautiful state of Washington in 1973 and I adjusted to the four seasons instantly. In 1976 we had our first son and 2 years later added another boy.

Our 'world travels' kept us exploring the Pacific Northwest, trips down to California and back East to see family. At least once a year, ever since I moved to Spokane, I have had to travel down to my parent's retirement home in San Clemente to get a beach fix! That is the only thing I miss about California. I am spoiled with our one freeway and the fact that the woods are practically in our back yard.

I was a stay at home Mom while also working in the kids' school district and volunteering with our Spokane Youth Symphony. Our oldest son, Levi has blessed us with two grand children, ages 7 & 4. They love coming from California up to Grandma and Grandpa's 10 acres where they can run and play.

Our youngest son, Sean is a musician living in Berlin, Germany so for the last two years I have continued my world travels visiting him and using Berlin as our base for exploring Prague, Dresden and Copenhagen and other fascinating places in Germany.

A few years ago I talked my husband into a two week Bike and Barge trip in Holland and another 10 days exploring southern Germany. He enjoyed the experience but prefers to stay closer to home. Except for his bucket list trip of seeing New Zealand and Australia which we will accomplish in February, 2014.

We enjoy exploring our wonderful country and I feel very blessed that between my husband and son my itchy feet are getting scratched! Over the years I have become very interested in photography and now never go anywhere without my camera. Every trip, or a step out the front door is documented!

I feel blessed to still have my mother at age 92. Sadly we lost my father in 2013 at age 91. My three siblings and I are still great friends and forgave me years ago for being the 'mean' older sister! I guess my goal for the rest of my life is to make wonderful memories for my grandchildren and continue to make cherished memories with my husband, friends, family and sons.

I have always looked back at my childhood growing up in the Midwick neighborhood and attending Alhambra High with good memories. Life then just seemed so uncomplicated for kids compared to now. I am looking forward to seeing old friends at the 50th and will miss the ones who are no longer with us.

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