Sharon Del Vero

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Question Answer
Your name Sharon Hotchkin
Your name in school, if different Sharon Del Vero
Alhambra elementary school(s) attended St. Therese
If you're bringing someone to the reunion, please describe your guest: Husband, Terry Hotchkin. Terry is a 10th degree black belt in Kyokyushin Kai Karate and has been in martial arts for over 40 years. He is also a general contractor but mostly retired. Presently, he teaches karate at the Santa Anita YMCA in Monrovia. We actually met at the Y when he was MY karate teacher about 30 years ago.
Current occupation (e.g., retired, working full/part time, volunteering, caring for family, other) Retired and way too busy…..thought I would finally have time to read all the books I had collected for my retirement…..and yet,…. they sit on the shelves, unread!
Describe your family/extended family 2 children. My son, David, passed away in 2005 at the age of 34, my daughter, Daynna, 38. Grandson, Max, age 2 and granddaughter, Reese, to be born any day now!
How have you gained knowledge or continued your education after high school? BA in Speech Pathology and MA in Audiology + many classes in American Sign Language. And for the last 7 years, weekly art classes.
What special interests and/or activities have you enjoyed during the last half century? After retiring, I found complete joy and satisfaction in oil painting, attend art classes every week….. BUT….. mostly, being a grandparent.
What is your favorite AHS Memory? Senior year was the best! Had finally come out of my super-shy shell and had a wonderful time, particularly towards the end with all the senior activities.
What were your favorite songs or artists from 1960 to 1964. Beatles and Stones
What genre of music and type of dance do you enjoy most? All… is always on in every room of the house….can’t cook or paint w/o it.
How do you spend your quality time? with family, friends and oil painting. One of my favorite pastimes is being curled up in my big red chair, on a grey rainy day, ( we have a mid-century home w/floor to ceiling windows so it’s almost like sitting in the rain …but dry)…. watching an old black and white movie, crocheting another afghan that is given away……yes, I live a very exciting adventurous life!
In your life thus far, what stands out as most significant, growth-producing, moving, or heart-opening? How strong and resilient the human spirit can be when faced with tragedies….even when you think you can’t go on.
What matters most to you about the life you've lived? Family