Terry Bradford

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Question Answer
Your name Terry Bradford-Gugel
Your name in school, if different Terry Bradford
Email TerryPanamaRE@Cableonda.net
Website or Facebook URL www.OrigenRealEstate.com
If you're bringing someone to the reunion, please describe your guest My husband Bob. He is a retired Lutheran educator. We met on eHarmony and we were married on the sand in Laguna Beach, the summer of 2008.
Alhambra elementary school(s) attended Fremont, K-8
Current occupation (e.g., retired, working full/part time, volunteering, caring for family, other) Owner with husband Bob of Origen Real Estate in Panamá. As “The Donald” says “A good Realtor never retires” - and yes, we have met The Donald and his kids a couple times. Approachable; engaging; and down to earth. Volunteer work all of my adult life from Orfanato para los niños (Orphanage for the children) 9 miles south of Tijuana starting in 1976; to American Red Cross; several first responder positions starting in 1978 through 2006.
Describe your family/extended family I have three children and together with my husband Bob, have 19 grandchildren and another one on the way. (Twins run in the family on Bob’s side). My son Stephen lives in Phoenix and graduated from Arizona State. He was instrumental in the new freeways with his design of the landscaping, walls and metal design work on the sides. He was in the R&D stage of the Phoenix light rail, from the concept to build out. My stepdaughter’s Christie and Debbie are both happily married and have home-schooled them all. We are so blessed to have such wonderful children and grandchildren.
How have you gained knowledge or continued your education after high school? After high school I continued my education Mt. SAC and then transferred to O.C. College taking classes in real estate, real estate law, finance and economics, marketing, and advertising. I then continued my real estate education through the various courses through the National Association of Realtors.
What would like to share about your life's work? I have had three inventions in the state of California and two of which went statewide for all banks in the state. After working for several years in real estate leasing for shopping centers, I truly began my professional career as a self-employed Realtor and Senior Loan Officer, which has remained my passion. I taught courses at four separate Board of Realtors.
What special interests and/or activities have you enjoyed during the last half century? Being a self-employed person has allowed me freedom to pursue some wonderful and exciting activities. I started sailing in my mid 20’s as I lived on the beach in Newport Beach. Yes, then came extreme sports. Motor cycle riding was the first. One of my main passions was international scuba diving and still is. I was fortunate to have dived in Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, and various places while sailing the Caribbean, and then Latin America. Oh, in 2007 I had my first taste of the exhilarating experience of sky diving.
Please share the highlights of the places you've lived or traveled After my first taste of Hawaii, I moved there for a year in 1973-1974, and have been to the islands on many occasions throughout my life. Then spent an entire summer in 1981 in Tahiti – living Tahitian style. My style of traveling (I do not make reservations) is to explore on my own; no guided tours - and no set time in a particular city. So month long trips are best! A month in France, a month in Italy, etc. I also prefer discovering other cultures in depth, rather than just skimming through a lot of places. Several years in a row took domestic trips to the New England states for 5-6 weeks at a time in June. Love all the ports of Maine, (live on lobster), then into Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and then into Boston. Suggestion: Loose weight before you enjoy the New England states as they do not know what an alpha spout is. Ja ja ja .
What is your favorite AHS Memory? Hanging out with all my friends from Fremont stands out as a lasting memory. My first taste of another culture was our first foreign exchange student from Calle Columbia. From that time on, I have loved to sponsor foreign exchange students from all over the world; Tahiti; Tehran, Spain, France, Japan (twice); Istanbul, Turkey.
What are your favorite books or movies? In non-fiction: I’ve read a lot of political and health books. As far as fiction goes, I’ve read all the books in the Left Behind series and many Stephen King books and others...
Favorite Videos Panama: Where the World Meets series  Life in the Big City: Panama  Good Timin' in Panama  Cruisin' Down the Causeway (Amador)  Our Cuban Vacation   Our condo: Panama Avenida Balboa Condo with Spectacular Vistas
What were your favorite songs or artists from 1960 to 1964. What genre of music and type of dance do you enjoy most? Like many others in that era I dug the Beatles and the Beach Boys. I’ve done modern dance in high school, all kinds of ballroom dancing, and I especially enjoy Latin American dances like salsa. Anywhere we are in Latin America, I start dancing when I hear a great beat – like Cuba. I think this all started with four years of tap and ballet in grade school.
How do you spend your quality time? Most of my time recently has been spent building and expanding our real estate business in Panama. But we make free time to have gourmet dinner parties, read, and we love to go to one of our many beautiful islands, read a book, and soak up the tropical sun. Panama is a great base in Latin America in which to travel other countries.
In your life thus far, what stands out as most significant, growth-producing, moving, or heart-opening? First of all, I would have to say accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. After that was my volunteer work with the American Red Cross since 1978; working at an orphanage south of Tijuana, and various other service organizations and projects. And bringing joy and smiles along with spreading the Word in various hospitals, and ministering to others that are going through difficult challenges in their lives. Giving to others ~ is a gift to your own heart. Bradford Family Spotlight
What matters most to you about the life you've lived? Seeing my children grow up to be faithful and true to their Christian faith. Secondly, all the friends of every culture I have made from all over the world. Especially after moving to Panama, the many friends we have made here, is something we I always treasure. To share it with my loving husband ~ is the icing on the cake.
As you move forward into the future, what are your aspirations, hopes, dreams? I only desire that our children, grandchildren, extended family, and friends in the United States have a safe and secure future in these changing and uncertain times. Having them visit us in Panama as their first international trip ~ is a gift that cannot be described in words.
What do you still hope to accomplish or experience? (What's left on your bucket list?) Simply to have more time to travel and see our children and grandchildren. To take my husband to parts of the world he has never had the opportunity to visit. Many more things on our Bucket List “together”.

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