Christopher Bate

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Question Answer
Your name Christopher Bate
Alhambra elementary school(s) attended St Thomas More Catholic School
Current occupation (e.g., retired, working full/part time, volunteering, caring for family, other) Thankfully retired
Describe your family/extended family One brother and his family in the Seattle area, one cousin and her family in the Boston area.
How have you gained knowledge or continued your education after high school? I returned to school at Shoreline CC in the Seattle area in 1993 and earned an AA Degree in print production.
What would like to share about your life's work? It was mostly difficult but always enjoyable.
What special interests and/or activities have you enjoyed during the last half century? An early interest in weaving evolved into Macrame wall hangings that I consider my art form.
Please share the highlights of the places you've lived or traveled I was in the Army stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany from July 1966 through September 1968. I spent the 30 day leaves every year travelling from Ireland to Greece. It was before the Iron Curtain came down and France went on strike in mid 1968 so there were limits, but it was during the Viet Nam years and I was grateful to be overseas in the non-Asian direction.
What is your favorite AHS Memory? My daily lunches with my first non-Catholic friends.
What are your favorite books or movies? Giant, Hawaii, Anne Frank’s Diary
What were your favorite songs or artists from 1960 to 1964. What genre of music and type of dance do you enjoy most? Anything by the Beatles, The Stones, and whatever irritated my father.
How do you spend your quality time? I read a lot and tie knots.
In your life thus far, what stands out as most significant, growth-producing, moving, or heart-opening? The aging process has been a revelation.
What matters most to you about the life you've lived? I’ve always found good folks with whom to share it.
As you move forward into the future, what are your aspirations, hopes, dreams? I want to continue to live in peace and share my family history with the cousins, nephews and nieces.
What do you still hope to accomplish or experience? (What's left on your bucket list?) I want to write a book about the Bate family in California during the Depression and WWII.
What else would you like to share about yourself? I look forward to seeing my California family in September of 2014.

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