Karen Sargentich

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Name: Karen Stafford
AHS Name: Karen Sargentich

Here’s my past 50 years in a nutshell…

I’ve lived in Monterey with my husband Doug for the past 36 years, and we’re blessed that our son and daughter-in-law live close by.

Creating art, experimenting with photography, gardening, traveling and writing have been steady interests throughout my life. My husband and I have visited and photographed over 150 gardens in America and Europe.

I’ve also enjoyed diverse working experiences. I wrote crafts books…was a Senior Copywriter for Mattel Toys…Santa Monica’s Public Information Officer… Director of Social Services in a convalescent hospital…Director of a Visiting Nurse Assoc. adult day care facility…and my last position before retiring was coordinating all older adult classes for the Monterey school district.

I was given a new life 6 years ago when I had a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with leukemia…thanks to my donor, brother Lew.

I’m happier now than at any other time in my life…being in the forest & near the ocean on the Monterey Peninsula is very special.

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